About us

Agri Crop Spray has been established by leaders in the aviation and precision agriculture sectors to provide an integrated crop spraying service to the agricultural industry. We integrate new technologies with wisdom and experience to provide a holistic solution to the unique challenges of farming in the region. Agri-Sense and BAC Helicopters have joined forces to establish a highly professional aerial application service, specialised to meet the needs of farmers.


Latest Technology

Agri Crop Spray uses the latest technology in Farm Mapping and Geographical Information Systems(GIS) to accurately map and determine field sizes for our clients. We provide our clients with the assurance that they get the exactly what is specified on the chemical label, calibrated correctly for each field. Our custom built farm management system enables farmers to effectively order spraying on a field by field basis from either their computer or mobile device without the need to flag fields.

Why Agri Crop Spray

Pilot Experience

Our head pilot Roger Shone, is one of the most experienced and highly regarded crop spraying pilots in the industry with in-depth knowledge gained from years of farming in KZN.

BAC Helicopters

BAC Helicopters is one of the leading helicopter operators in South Africa. Based in Durban, South Africa, BAC is ideally positioned to offer an extensive range of helicopter services including charter, contract flying, operational flying, helicopter training including mining and exploration support services. Built on a strong foundation of safety, quality and operational diversity, our company trains and employs a close-knit team of industry professionals and highly qualified commercial pilots, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Our aim at BAC Helicopters is to exceed the expectations of every client by delivering an outstanding, safe and reliable flying service.


With over 3 000 missions flown covering over 400 000 ha in numerous countries in Africa, Agri-Sense is the leading company providing UAV (drone) services to the Agricultural Industry Agri-Sense combine field information with in-depth analysis to form a unique set of Management Tools that are used to: Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity and Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Operations Our Maps and Management Information Systems are commonly used in:

  • Development Planning
  • Irrigation and Drainage Design
  • Field and Road Layouts
  • Land Use Plans
  • Community and Environmental Monitoring
  • Crop Assessment
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Irrigation and Fertilizer Analysis
  • Yield Forcasts
  • Agri-Sense is proud to have Agricane as a founding partner and hence have access to their wealth of experience and resources


    Agricane uses a very strong team of professional personnel in the field of Agricultural and Bulk Water Engineering and is comprehensively backed up with Agronomy, Soil Technology, Agricultural Operational Management, Economics and Survey. It can thus provide a complete service from the inception of a project and sourcing of finance to the complete installation. Agricane are widely regarded as the leading service provider for:

  • Agricultural development planning and feasibility studies
  • Small-grower Development
  • Integrated development management
  • General Land development survey
  • Soil surveys for Agricultural suitability
  • Agricultural Mechanisation & Land forming technology and management
  • Sustainable & appropriate bulk water conveyance systems
  • Practical Irrigation and Drainage systems
  • Agricultural Operations Management
  • Agricultural Training

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